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It really helps us fix the problems and it should not take a vtc į btc of your time to write how you think the crash occurred and why.

FAQ: During last few months I have received few questions that sounded same and below is a short list. A: Because camera enables you to scan the QR code and save yourself a hassle of typing the long api key Q: Is application and data transfer secure?

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A: Nothing is perfectly secure in this world not even httpsbut application still uses https to transfer most sensitive data. However our application does not require any passwords to access information it displays, so most information is public anyway.

Q: Where can I request feature or report a bug?

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A: Please pervežti bitcoin į paypal the application forum thread on give-me-coins. A: Please be so kind and report any performance issues as bugs.

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Last thing we want to do is a slow app that uses a lot of resources. Q: How much data transfer does application require?

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A: Application receives text, so data size is not huge, but keep in mind it updates currencies as well as pool data beside your user data. So far none of our users complained, but we have ability to implement some sort vtc į btc restrictions if needed requested. A: Please go to give-me-coins.

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Either scan QR code or write the key into the app to enable data exchange between pool and application. Kiekvienas įvertinimas ir komentaras yra labai vertinami ir leis mums pagerinti taikymą, atsižvelgiant į mūsų vartotojų poreikius.

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